Direct Sourcing of Promotional Products, Awards, Gifts, Apparel and Other Branded Items!

Why Thynk?

Thynk is the result of applying direct sourcing best practices to the fragmented branded merchandise and promotional products industry.

Our mission is to present our clients with a direct sourcing solution that compliments and expands their brand marketing strategies, lowers costs and protects their brand.

From fully managed, custom manufactured direct import opportunities to customizing ready made / readily available products to appropriately display your brand – our direct sourcing methodologies add impact and create value.

Long term relationships with an expanding network of fully qualified manufactures and partners allow Thynk to offer dramatic cost savings and true brand protection across a broad spectrum of products and for programs of all sizes.

Unlike the traditional distributor model in the industry, Thynk eliminates the middleman (often multiple layers of distribution), and at the same time employs e-procurement technologies and platforms that streamline, accelerate and simplify the procurement process for our clients.

The result?  Cost Savings. Quality Control.  Brand Protection. All of which allow our clients to do more to build their brand and grow their revenues.

It’s definitely something to Thynk about……