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What are promotional products?

Q: What are promotional products?

Promotional products are useful or decorative pieces of merchandise which are usually imprinted with a company’s name, message, or logo. These are often used in marketing and communication campaigns and programs. Items imprinted with names or logos that are distributed for free, as well as business gifts, awards, and commemoratives are known as promotional products. Items like these that are given out as an incentive for a specific action are called premiums.

Q: What kinds of wholesale promotional products does Thynk provide?

There are seemingly endless amounts of different types of promotional products. Often it’s even possible to obtain custom items that aren’t found in any store or catalog. Thynk provides many different types of custom promotional products, including pens, water bottles, lanyards, desk accessories, USB flash drives, tote bags, and much more.

Q: How are promotional products used in marketing?

There are practically infinite ways of using promotional products – as they can be used alone or integrated with other forms of media. Business gifts, corporate awards, tradeshow give-aways, employee recognition and other programs are all popular means of using promotional products. These are often cited by promotional consultants as tools that can boost brand recognition and traffic to your business, website, or booth.

Q: What types of organizations buy promotional products?

Below is a list of the top 10 buyers of promotional products as found by a study conducted by Glenrich Business Studies and Louisiana State University. These industries were ranked in accordance to the volume spent on promotional products.

1. Education (Schools, Seminars)

2. Financial (Banks, Savings & loan companies, credit unions, stockbrokers)

3. Health Care (Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes)

4. Non-Profit Organizations

5. Construction (Building Supplies, Building Trades)

6. Government (Public Offices, Political Candidates, Agencies)

7. Trade, Professional Associations and Civic Clubs

8. Real Estate (Agents, Appraisers, Title Companies)

9. Automotive (Dealers, Manufacturers, Parts Suppliers)

10. Professional (Lawyers, Doctors, CPAs, Architects, etc.)

Which promotional products are the most popular?

The total amount spent on promotional products in 2011 exceeded $18 Billion, and the most popular category was promotional apparel. In 2011, the top ten categories for custom promotional products were, in countdown fashion:

10. Textiles (Flags, towels, umbrellas, throws, pennants, blankets, etc.)

9. Games/Toys (Kites, puzzles, playing cards, inflatables, balls, puzzles, stuffed animals, etc.)

8. “Other Items” (Promotional Items not included elsewhere)

7. Recognition Awards (Trophies, jewelry, clocks/watches, plaques, certificates, etc.)

6. Desk/Office and Business Accessories (Cases, pen sets, calculators, paper products, etc.)

5. Bags (Tote bags, gift bags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, drawstring bags, etc.)

4. Drinkware (Water bottles, mugs, glass, china, ceramic, crystal, stainless steel, plastic)

3. Calendars (Desk Diaries, wall and wallet calendars, desk calendars, pocket secretaries, etc.)

2. Writing Instruments (Pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, etc.)

1. Apparel (Aprons, blazers, headwear, uniforms, jackets, footwear, neckware, etc.)

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