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5 Ways to a High-Score at Your Next Game Day Promotion


The game is here. The chants are being sung. The crowd is already gathered, and this is your big opportunity to introduce the spirit and the festivity to game day. From Friday night high-school football to your local minor league baseball team, turn game day into good will with custom promotional items like mugs and clappers. Get fans excited about being excited! They’re already in the right mindset for purchasing your products or services, so check out these 5 morale-boosting tips to slam even more sales into the game.

1. Entertain

Spectators want to be entertained. A big part of that entertainment is to feel a part of the game, and one of the best ways to participate is to wear, sip, and wave paraphernalia. From the pre-season to the play-offs, there are loads of fans looking for fun. Consider giveaway products to help attract spectators and fans that might turn into customers.

2. Look around You

Promo selling doesn’t have to be a spectator sport. Get out there, and get in the game! Look closely at team colors and popular gear to make design decisions. Find out what other teams, leagues, and schools have that are popular. Keep an ear out for slogans and chants that could put an extra dazzle on the mugs you’re providing. What clever things can you do with specific logos? There’s a lot of creativity in promotional items, and the sky is the limit.

 3. Be fun, but also practical

Before you skip over this tip, remember that practical fun doesn’t have to mean ‘practically fun.’ Knowing what products appeal to the most spectators is the key to strategy marketing. Pick reusable, outdoor products like bottle openers, beach balls, and drink-ware that are practical and festive. Know your audience by thinking about venue. High school game? Try apparel and noisemakers. Don’t make everything at once. See what sells and cater to the crowd.

4. Go Technical

In today’s electronically driven world, marketers have to think about how they might sell products to tech-savvy fans. Cell phone covers and logo decals for laptops give fans a way to boast about their teams even while not at the game. It may prompt others to think about cool promo gear when they didn’t expect to.

5. Think variety

Every good fan wants to stand out, even among their fellow fans. Think of all the imaginative fans with their paint and costumes that cameras magnetize towards. The options for promotional gear are practically limitless. People enjoy having something that other fans don’t have or hadn’t thought about. Think about occasionally releasing an item for a big event that isn’t normally sold at other games. Fans will get something new and memorable that they can take home until the next big game.

Hopefully these 5 tips have better equipped you to support team spirit and at the same time promote your company or organization. If you’re ready to get your promotional program off the sidelines and into the game, contact Superior Business Solutions (or Thynk Direct) today.

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