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Promotional Products for Today’s Technology

Technology is becoming an increasingly large part of daily life for the general public, and as a result promotions that do not cater to this now integral part of life are unlikely to succeed. It seems that interest is constantly shifting from one “blockbuster” technology development to the next, whether it’s Google’s “Google Glass” which is set to come out in the fourth quarter of 2013 or the countless new smartphones and tablets that came before it, there is an ever-increasing amount of excitement for these new sorts of products. Looking to take advantage of the demand for accessories for these products, but aren’t really sure how to get started? Check out the tips below.

Go Mobile

The market for mobile connectivity has exploded in recent years – from smartphones to e-readers to other types of tablet computers, the percentage of adults who own these items is expanding rapidly. Because of this, the term “computer accessories” applies to more than just computers – it also applies to mobile items such as smartphones and tablets – and includes promotional items such as styluses, computer bags, phone cases, and more. Despite the fact that desktop computers may seem like a thing of the past in this age of laptops and mobile phones, it does not mean that we should count these out either, as a recent study shows that approximately 58 percent of adults still own a desktop computer. As a result of this ever-expanding spectrum of technology, it is incredibly important to broaden one’s approach to technology promotions – it isn’t just about mouse pads and keyboard brushes anymore.

Consider All Price Ranges

Though some attest that big-brands and buying brand-name objects are a scam, many still subscribe to the ideology that the name on the outside is just as important as what’s on the inside. Sometimes it’s a good idea to throw some high-end, name-brand gear into the mix. Some brands known for their quality goods – such as Skullcandy headphones or iLuv accessories – are relatively easy to attain and imprint in-house, giving good promotional exposure with the perceived value of something brand-name.

For some, however, brand-name items are a little too much for their clients – but fear not! There are many options for promotions with slightly lower budgets. It can be as simple as combining objects such as a stylus pen, a cleaning cloth, and something like an iPad sleeve or some other item to help protect a client’s tech. Accessories like these have become a large part of our lives, and there is a very large range of products to fit any budget.

Accommodate All Devices

If there’s one fact that has held true throughout today’s technology market it’s that no two devices are created equal. As a result, it is incredibly important to keep the topic of compatibility in mind. The items that are most successful, especially when it comes to promotional products, are those that are cross-compatible – as in they can be used with more than one specific device. Finding unique items that work with all operating systems, be it Android, iOS, or Windows can be difficult at times, but pay off well in the long run. The best bet with today’s market is to stick to products that are universal:  look for items that connect via USB or the headphone jack (not something brand-specific), and avoid anything that is catered to one particular phone – as consumers are always upgrading, and the goal is to get them something that they will continue to use, even when they change devices.

Don’t Get Gimmicky

Though many novelty technology items may seem like a good idea, try to avoid anything that is unlikely to be used often. Try to pitch items that will be used often, such as touchscreen cleaning cloths or headphones – nobody likes smudgy fingerprints everywhere, and even if someone doesn’t have a smartphone, headphones can be used with computers and mp3 players. Similarly, items such as mini-speakers and other sound-oriented products are compatible with just about everything that has a standard headphone jack. Other ideas include protective items such as laptop sleeves or tote bags, as long as they aren’t too specific to a particular device. Items such as these are usually inexpensive and relatively easy to brand, and people are always looking to keep their technological investments safe. Generic items such as these will be highly valuable to the user and will be useful for years to come.

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