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Which promotional products are the most popular?

The total amount spent on promotional products in 2011 exceeded $18 Billion, and the most popular category was promotional apparel. In 2011, the top ten categories for custom promotional products were:

10. Textiles (Flags, towels, umbrellas, throws, pennants, blankets, etc.)
9. Games/Toys (Kites, puzzles, playing cards, inflatables, balls, puzzles, stuffed animals, etc.)
8. “Other Items” (Promotional Items not included elsewhere)
7. Recognition Awards (Trophies, jewelry, clocks/watches, plaques, certificates, etc.)
6. Desk/Office and Business Accessories (Cases, pen sets, calculators, paper products, etc.)
5. Bags (Tote bags, gift bags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, drawstring bags, etc.)
4. Drinkware (Water bottles, mugs, glass, china, ceramic, crystal, stainless steel, plastic)
3. Calendars (Desk Diaries, wall and wallet calendars, desk calendars, pocket secretaries, etc.)
2. Writing Instruments (Pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, etc.)
1. Apparel (Aprons, blazers, headwear, uniforms, jackets, footwear, neckware, etc.)

Are promotional products actually effective?

Yes! Promotional products are extremely effective in reaching and influencing your audience, according to PPAI and several research studies conducted by universities. Below are some examples.

Promo Products’ Effect on Brand/Company Image

Georgia Southern University conducted an experiment that shows that recipients of promotional products have a dramatically more positive image of a company than consumer who did not receive anything.

Promotional Product Incentives’ Effect on Referrals from Happy Customers

The Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University conducted a survey for PPAI which showed that accompanying a request for referrals with a promotional product incentive or a promotional product incentive along with eligibility in a sweepstakes drew as much as 500% more referrals than a regular appeal letter alone.

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