Direct Sourcing of Promotional Products, Awards, Gifts, Apparel and Other Branded Items!

About Thynk

Wholesale Promotional Products and Branded Merchandise


Direct Sourcing is not a new concept.

Direct sourcing of branded merchandise and promotional products used to be reserved for very large quantities of individual items and involved very long lead times, a high risk of the items not being right, were low quality, and would not show up on time.

Add to this the fact that the distribution model for standard promotional items is outdated: there are multiple layers of distribution or “middle men” adding cost and complexity to the process.

The good news?  Things have changed.

Advances in manufacturing technologies and the adoption of mass customization allow the manufacturers of branded and promotional products to offer lower minimums and faster turn around times – often at lower costs than “standard” items.

Seeing the changes and advances in technology, we quickly realized that the old business model could be changed.  And so, THYNK was born.

THYNK is result of over 87 years of direct sourcing experience.  Our parent company, Superior Business Solutions, has been working directly with manufacturers supplying clients with exactly what they need without the limitations of having legacy plants and equipment.

Our goal is to help our clients reduce their costs for branded merchandise and promotional products, while at the same time protecting their brands.  The outcome?  We help our clients do more by extending their spend and allowing for the opportunity to grow and strengthen their brands and marketing.

We are a new resource, with a lot of experience.